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More Daddy/Boys Scenes?

Sebastian Keyes and Reed Mathews

I need to start thinking about going into production again soon (VERY soon!) and I need to decide what type of scenes to start shooting. I have a feeling there is a need for more gay porn scenes that involve older guys with younger guys. When I was younger, I would never have imagined that younger guys would actually be attracted to guys in their 40s, 50s, and older. It’s only recently that I’ve discovered actual, living breathing 20-somthings that really do prefer older guys. Yes, they are hard to find, but I suppose that phenomenon has always been around. Maybe it’s just that my own radar is now listening for that kind of chatter that I otherwise would have tuned out years ago.

But the question remains, will customers pull out their credit cards to pay to see daddy/boy gay porn? Will it be the daddies that buy it, or the younger customers that fantasize about daddies? Put your opinions in the Comments, and it will help me decide where to go next. In the meantime, Lavender Lounge has already experimented with mixing Sebastian Keyes (left) with daddy Reed Mathews (right) and a previous match-up with Tommy Lazzari and youngster Matthew White. Nick Moretti is one hot daddy that didn’t even start doing porn till he was in his forties. I matched him up with Blue Bailey to become one Lavender Lounge’s most talked about scenes. Join the site, watch the scenes I mentioned, and tell me if you want to see more.

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Reed Mathews Takes His Young Stalker In A Sling

There’s nothing as fun as watching someone, following them for days on end in the hopes that you can get into their apartment, smell where they play and, hopefully, have them catch you and take you without a word. Sebastian Keys, a skinny “son” type in desperate need of a hot daddy, has been stalking Reed Mathews. At first Reed didn’t know but then he caught on. They eventually hooked up for some kinky fetish sex. But Sebastian wanted more and now he’s back.

The scene starts with the strawberry blond sucking bearded Reed’s daddy cock. It turns into a mutual cocksucking session but when Reed gets Sebastian into the sling, the booted men let loose with deep rimming, finger fucking, and more cocksucking. Reed then moves on to work more fingers inside Sebastian, stretching his hole to the point where he’s practically taking a fist in what you swear is going to be a fisting session: this is the beauty of sex, it evolves into something you didn’t expect or plan. But as hungry as Sebastian’s hole looks for Daddy Reed’s fist, it’s the fucking Reed is after. And so, plowing Sebastian ferociously, Reed fucks the cum out of the boy, feeding on the jizz and feeding some to Sebastian, then rewarding the greedy young pig with another load, this time all over his face.

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Angel or Devil?

twink gay porn

twink gay porn
I was looking at religious vestments for sale on eBay a few minutes ago (don’t ask…), and then figured I better get some actual work done. The first pictures that caught my eye were these two shots of Matthew White. He can be very angelic, but I think he’s a bit devilish, too. Decide for yourself when you view his scenes at Lavender Lounge.

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Dads And Their Boys

older man with younger man, daddy/boy porn

older man with younger man, daddy/boy porn

An area that gay porn has only lightly touched on is daddy/boy porn, where an older guy plays with a younger guy. Reed Mathews is in his 40’s and still has an incredible body. That’s why he can still pick up younger guys in their early 20’s like Sebastian Keys.

Reed worked with Sebastian on other shoots at other studios and they became friends, so it was an easy choice to pick Sebastian for his scene partner for Lavender Lounge. That’s why Lavender Lounge let’s the models choose their own scene partner – you never know who they have a secret crush on.

The scene turned out really well, and we even got them to switch roles at one point. I went through my photos today and decided I wanted to give them some extra exposure. You can see their whole session when you become a member of Lavender Lounge.

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Young Guy And The Creepy Stalker

Young guys often fear being stalked by older leather daddies. Imagine how disturbing it would be to actually get lured into a date with a creepy stalker. When young Sebastian Keys hooks up with sadistic Reed Mathews, the scene could easily turn into a nightmare. It begins with Sebastian bound and gagged to a pole wrapped in cellophane and wearing a blindfold. Reed confesses he’s been watching Sebastian’s every movement for a long time, and can’t believe he finally succeeded in luring him into his lair. With a sharp knife, Reed first slices open a holes in the plastic wrap in order to lick Sebastian’s nipples. He then moves down to slice the cellophane covering Sebastian’s cock to start sucking on it. With his object of obsession finally in his grasp, Reed admits to lusting after the young Sebastian from afar. In an unusual twist the the dominance/submission rules, the stalker fulfills his fantasy by having his unwitting catch fuck him in the ass while still bound to the pole. Not only does the captured sex slave perform his duties as a top, he actually relishes the chance to turn the tables on the stalker by bursting out of his binding and aggressively pounding Reed’s ass.


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