Lavender Lounge Gets 86 Score At Gay HD Reviews

Lavender Lounge scored an 86 (“Wow”) review from a site called Gay HD Reviews. It’s listed under the category of “Fetish”. Here’s what they said:

Lavender Lounge is the new place to check out. Well, actually it isn’t really new. The Lounge has been around for some time but recently, it has undergone a complete makeover. With its spiffy modern look, it’s out to gather fresh converts and sustain the interest of old fans.

But as a studio that has managed to build a solid reputation based on soft and hard fetishes, muscular dads and pretty twinks – a nifty and fully revised site layout may not exactly be the site’s draw.

Take for instance the themes that their videos explore. The significant volume of leather, harnesses and body/facial hair all point to how serious and intense the clips can be. Add performers such as Dominic Pacifico and Nick Moretti and it’s a sure winner.

Side by side with these seasoned fetish and leather stars are amateurs or freshly discovered talents. They may have less experience in front of the camera but their zest compliment the raw and uninhibited sexual prowess of the vets.

While solo jerk-offs scenes have a tendency to become formulaic, the masturbation clips on Lavender Lounge are somewhat different and gives a new meaning and depth to the term ‘self love’. Sure, it has that common (and almost cliche) techno/drum kits and synth for a soundtrack but you can ignore it.

The videos can be streamed or downloaded and both have a number of options for the user. Streaming for example are in different speeds and screen sizes. For those who prefer online playback will find the site’s player satisfactory. It is fast, clear and retains its quality even when in full screen. Downloads, in the meantime, are in wmv and h264 formats up to 720p HD – and even for your mobile gadgets get versions too.

As a studio operated by Mark Kliem, regular weekly updates are guaranteed. If you find yourself wanting more clips, the good news is that Lavender Lounge is bundled with four other hot sites like Alpha Males. All of which makes for some very hot muscle and fetishy hardcore fun to enjoy.

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“Bear” Was Invented By Advocate In 1979

Everyone thought that the term “bear” for hairy, chunky, bearded gay men was invented in the late 80’s by the publishers of Bear Magazine. Well, come to find out, someone did some digging through old issues of Advocate Magazine and discovered a little comic parody article called “A Glossary of Gay Animals” in 1979. Of the marmosets, swans, owls, afghans, etc. the only term that stuck was “bears”. Below is the graphic by Gerard Donelan with text.

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The NEW Hanky Codes

I agree the old hanky codes are mostly obsolete. They were always too confusing anyway, because I don’t know one shade of blue or green from another. At last, some incite full and humorous queens invented a hanky code for today’s queer. I’ve listed them here for you.

Left – Self identified with that trait.
Right – You’ve been called on it.

white – racist
grey – boring
yellow – commitment phobe
baby blue – mother issues (Formerly cock sucker. If you are a cock sucker, you have mother issues.)
cobalt blue – emotionally withholding
pink – ingrained homophobia
SIDE NOTE: Femme identified does not need a hanky, otherwise you are not doing it right.
Teal (formerly CBT) a problem with collectables
Mustard – drinks too much
Magenta – poor personal hygiene
Lavender – startles easily
Orange – weird about birthdays
Apricot – conspiracy theorist
Olive – doesn’t like Golden Girls (we tried to pick the ugliest color)
Beige – something’s just “off”
Gold – someone who steals
Coral – yells at people he doesn’t think speak English
Mauve – gets self-righteous with the waiter
Charcoal – workaholic
Pale red – sexaholic
Eggshell – undiagnosed

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Rope Reality

I made a little bit of a fuck up. Over the weekend I started putting together another DVD of scenes I shot for Lavender Lounge to be called “Rope Reality”. I assembled the scenes and rendered them, which takes overnight to process. I added the Bonus Scene and Previews of other movies. I even got a rough edit for the trailer. I thought I was moving right along.

So today I decided to take a second look at the trailer and start thinking about what shot to use for the box cover. As I was going through the photos, I realized the second scene didn’t have any rope play! WTF? I checked my notes, and sure enough I added the wrong scene! Now I have to go back, render the RIGHT scene, and re-do the trailer.

The DVD of “Rope Reality” (when I finally get the right scenes) will star Leo Forte tying up cutey pie Christopher Daniels with Nick Moretti tying up Chad Brock for some daddy on daddy rope action.

Stay tuned for updates.


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What Is Nick Moretti Thinking Right Now?

Nick Moretti hairy gay porn star

What is Nick Moretti thinking about right now in that picture?

Puppies and kittens?
A ham sandwich?
Is his car getting a ticket?
Shooting a load of cum on some boy’s chest?

Add your comments.

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